​Granite Transformations produces guide for prospective franchisees

Posted 05/04/2016  By: British Franchise Association


GT guide
Investing in a franchise is one of the biggest decisions many franchisees make in their life and some people who think they’d like to run their own business shy away from buying a franchise because they simply don’t know enough about what it entails.

That’s why Granite Transformations, in its 20th year of franchising, has commissioned a new ebook to provide an overview of franchising and what to think about in the search for the right franchise for you.

Professional business writer Kieron Bain wrote the step-by-step Guide to Investing in a Franchise, which in 15 pages covers sections on personal assessment; the franchise model; comparing franchising with starting on your own; and how to find the right opportunity.

“This guide isn’t about our franchise opportunity,” said Danny Hanlon, chief operating officer for Europe & North America for Granite Transformations. “We want to take our 20 years of experience in franchising and give people a basic understanding so that they can start that discovery process.

“We’ve seen how franchising has improved lives through our own franchise network and the franchise industry as a whole and we hope this simple guide will set a few more people down that same road.”

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